Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association
​There are four options for you to take action to SAVE GETTYSBURG HALLOWED GROUND.
1. Fill out the contact us box below and send it to us with the message: SAVE HALLOW GROUND.  We will not share your e-mail address other than it will appear on the final petition submitted to the Straban Township Board of Supervisors.
2. Open and print out the petition form, add your name and information, then circulate it among your friends or the general public and mail it to us at the GBPA postal address on the sheet.
3. Add your name to our online petition at:
4. In addition to signing the petition, you may express your opposition to the proposed scheme by writing, calling or emailing Straban Township which, along with a developer, has proposed this scheme:

Mr. Tony M. Sanders, Chairman
Board of Supervisors,
Straban Township
1745 Granite Station Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325.
Office landline: 717-334-4833
Office fax: 717-334-0061
Thank you!
Petition to Save Gettysburg Hallowed Ground!